25 Best Spooky and Fun Halloween Fonts

25 Best Spooky and Fun Halloween Fonts

Looking for some frightfully or playful good Halloween fonts? Step this way for some good Halloween fonts.

Halloween is fast approaching.  It’s that time of the year you start looking for Halloween fonts for your crafts.

In this list, we feature a collection of the best Halloween fonts that are suitable for all kinds of designs from posters, greeting cards, social media designs, and other Halloween design.

1. The Graveyard – Halloween Font

The Graveyard is a fun, handwritten, spooky font that will perfectly fit in Halloween projects. It can be used for various purposes such as: t-shirts, posters, cards, etc. It has an unique and bouncy style and includes extra Halloween icons to make your design more spooky! Sample T-shirt Design

2. The Creepy House – Halloween Font

The Creepy House is a weird, yet fun display font with a spooky feel. It will turn any Halloween-themed project into a stand out! Sample design

3. Pumpkin Web Display – Halloween Font

Pumpkin Web is an exquisite handwritten font, masterfully designed to become a true favorite. It maintains its classy calligraphic influences while feeling contemporary and fresh. Fall in love with it and bring your projects to the highest levels! Sample Design

4. Cute Ghost – Halloween Font

Cute Ghost is the perfect Halloween font: Whimsical, yet scary, it will effortlessly enhance any crafting projects for the spookiest time of the year!

5. Dark Graves Regular – Halloween Font

Dark Graves- a Horror Font example image 1

Dark Graves inspired by horror style this font is a fun theme very good for halloween, book cover, poster, apparel, clothing, logotype and more… Sample design

6. Endless Sorrow  – Halloween Font

Cover Image For Endless Sorrow

Endless Sorrow is a quirky and a spooky Halloween font design.. Sample Design

7. Butter Haunted – Halloween Font

Cover Image For Butter Haunted

Butter Haunted is cool horror font. This font comes with Multilingual Support & ideal for  Dark Clothing, Horror Movie Poster, T-shirt, greeting cards and more…

8. Herald – Halloween Font

Herald is a geometrically serif font with a quirky design that has a whimsical, storybook appeal! Though this doesn’t look spooky or scary this font can give your designs a light-hearted, fun, eclectic, or impish appeal that will be great for Halloween designs, greeting card, t-shirt, poster, and more..

9. Hellowin – Halloween Font

Hellowin is a playful but high quality Halloween font. It features elements of both a quirky and a fun design.

10. Hey Boo – Halloween Font

Hey Boo is a fun & spooky handwritten font. This font is perfect for quotes, headings, blogs, logos, invitations and more!

11. Halloween Secret – Halloween Font

Cover Image For Halloween Secret

Halloween Secret is a fun Halloween theme for your project. It is ideal for logo, branding, greeting card, branding, poster and more.

12. Broomstick Halloween Font

Broomstick is a fun hand-written font which will be great for Halloween designs, greeting card, t-shirt, poster, and more.. also include doodles you add to your designs.

13. Yikes | Dripping Halloween Font

Yikes is a fun spooky halloween font with a dripping feature. This font is perfect for all of your halloween designs, decor, shirts, signs and more!

14. Joy in Night – Halloween Typeface

Joy in Night is a funny font is perfect for cards, prints, logos, arrange illustration and decoration. It has letters, numbers, special characters, accents and ligatures. Colorful Halloween elements: hand drawn elements collection, seamless patterns and textures, cards.

15. Shriek! – Halloween Font

Shriek! font is a curly, hand-drawn font is perfect for all of your Halloween projects: shirts, signs, invitations, etc. Or anytime you need something a little quirky.


Definitely Haunted is a Serif Halloween Font. This font is perfect for all of your halloween designs, decor, shirts, signs, greeting cards and more!

16. BONY | Font Of Bones

BONY is an illustrative handmade font of bones with unique characters. This is really perfect scary design for halloween projects.

17. Magic House – Haunted Halloween Typeface

Cover Image For Magic House - Haunted Halloween Typeface

Magic house is a curly-witchy font ideal to use for casual purpose especially children related occasion and Halloween: shirts, signs, invitations, etc. Or anytime you need something a little casual.

18. Scaredy Pants

Scaredy Pants is a wonderful typeface balances a fun and friendly elements, it includes letters and characters great for your fall designs, Halloween parties, or scary movie nights.

19. Scary and Spicy

Cover Image For Scary and Spicy

Scary and Spicy is a serif bold font suit perfectly for Halloween event, Scary movie poster and flyer, monster themed online games, poster, movie title, fast food menu, magazine, youtube covers, youtube thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

20. Haunted House Font

Cover Image For Haunted House Font

Haunted House Font a cute handwritten font and this isn’t only for Halloween! It can be a wonderful addition to any font collection and it’s hand-drawn style makes it both adorable and unique!

21. Jack Reacher Typeface

Cover Image For Jack Reacher Typeface

Jack Reacher Typeface is a good display font for your Halloween Party. Perfelty use for Poster, Logo, Tittle, cover book, brand, magazine, catalog brand, any many more.

22. Ghostoons – Spooky Fantasy Font

Cover Image For Ghostoons - Spooky Fantasy Font

Ghostoons – Spooky Fantasy is a serif font that has a kiddy funny fancy Fun Playful theme. Suitable for any design needs : logo, branding, modern advertising design, cartoon, animation, kid book, logos, poster quote, book / cover Title, editorial design, website / blog, card, custom mug, pillow, t-shirts, and any hand-lettered needs.

23. STRAIGHT SCARY Halloween Font

Straight Scary is a Sans Serif Halloween Font with doodles.

24. Avarta Cadavra – Halloween Font

Avarta Cadavra is a font with style that is quite unique, inspired by spells and magicians with pretty funny impression.

25. Backbone

Cover Image For Backbone

Backbone font is a simple display font with bone embellishments at the ends of each letter. This font is the perfect scary font for Halloween party invitations, party decorations, and many zombie-themed events others